Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nail Polish Collection

Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you my nail polish collection, how I store them and how I organize them.
So this is the rack, I built it myself. It is hanging above a bookshelf/cabinet right next to my bathroom. Like I said, I built it. One day after work I decided I wanted a nailpolish rack, so I went to Lowe's and had the wood cutter guy cut me some wood, I believe the dimensions are 36 inches by 24 inches, so you have 6 panels of 4" x 24" and two panels of 4" x 36" and a big back panel of 24" x 36". I used hot glue to put them together. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to make your own. These are just my dimensions. I used some pink spray paint I had laying around, so the whole thing cost me about $7, and took about 45 minutes.  

As you can see, I have quite a bit of nail polish. My family buys me new ones whenever they are on sale, and they are always stocking stuffers. On the top shelf from the left; I have my nail tips, clear, frosted and white, then some foot cream, base and top coats, then my nail art pens, and some more nail growth serums and a large top coat. On the second shelf, I color code starting with white China Glaze, Orly, then nude; Essie, Sally Hansen. On the far right of the second row I have pinks from lightest to darkest. On the third shelf, from the right, I have a dark pink glitter from Nicole by O.P.I, then into some purples; Essie, Revlon, Covergirl Magnetics. Continuing to the left into blues; Wet n' Wild, Savvy, ect.

Starting on the left hand side of the fourth shelf down, we have a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, and then it turns into greens; Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. Yellow; Sephora by O.P.I in the color Taxi Cab. Orange; Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in the color Snappy Sorbet, Milani, ect. On the far right we have reds; ICE(the walmart brand of nail polish), Nailtini Nail Laquer in Bloody Mary(this one came in the my glam bag for January) and drop down to the 5th row on the right, another Nicole by O.P.I glitter polish, then my blood red color, into blacks, greys, metalics, gold, silver, glitter, and then glitter top coats. On the very last shelf I keep my nail polish remover pads, my acrylic powder, some more top coats, some Sally Girl mini polishes, and my Gelish gel polishes. Most of my tools(nail clippers, cuticle nippers, files, ect) are in a jar sitting on top of the bookshelf. 
I love my nail polish rack, I was very proud of myself for building it, and it is very practical. I didn't really have a space for my polishes before, I was just shoving some into a drawer that was hard to get to and didn't display my favorite colors. This is like a wall decoration, and I can easily pick out the color I want for the day. I don't have much room to expand my collection though, I might have to rebuild or just add a few more shelves. Some things I do have to keep in a drawer, Like my jumbo bottle of acrylic liquid and my LED gel polish curer.
I found this to be more customizable and less...tacky(?) and also cheaper than the acrylic polish displays you can find on ebay or amazon.
How do you keep your polishes? Do you friends think your mental because you have so many? Mine do. :)

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